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eko Urns

Bio-Characteristics The technical developments of recent years now allow to produce decorative ash-capsules from replenishable organic sources, which are 100% biologically degradable.

Advantages of biological degradability:

In comparison to recycling, with it's after-care and repair requirements, biodegradability is forethoughtful and source-protective. The nature-circle is therefore completed.

100% biologically degradable. The materials used are a mixture of biodegradable Polymers. To facilitate the production, other biologically degradable additives may be used.


Eko biodegradable urns are made of arboform which is a natural material comparable to wood. The disintegration of this material depends on the soil conditions. The time of disintegration is comparable to wood.

There are no threats for soil, ground water or sea emanating from our urns.

Surface The lacquer that is used on the Eko Urn is water based. Which makes it a 100% biodegradable.

Placement in niche or recess/perishability Notwithstanding it's biodegradability, the urn is also suitable for keeping in niches and recesses, and also indoors. Rain and moisture in the air DO NOT start the degrading process.

The nature-circle is completed only when the urn is placed underground. After a number of years in a niche or recess in the open air, it is possible that the moisture in the air can cause the decoration to separate and the urn may take on signs of age.

Volume The urns have a capacity of 215 cubic inches. The slim design and height will often allow two urns of this type to be placed together in niches and recesses.