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Biodegradable & Scattering Urns

Why A Biodegradable Urn?

There are several reasons why one may choose to go with a biodegradable urn. With the growing concern for the environment many people like the benefits of bio urns as they give minerals and nutrients (from the clay) back to the Earth and help to preserve land space. Bio Urns offer a perfect solution for scattering at sea by temporarily containing the cremated remains and keeping them from blowing everywhere at the time of dispersion.

How Do They Work?

Each of our bio urns are suitable for land or sea burial. When dispersing the cremated remains at sea, The bio urn will begin to sink in ten to fifteen minutes and will fully degrade in approximately 30 minutes.

When used for land burial our bio urns will completely break down in 2-3 months depending upon the climate. All are TSA airline compliant.